Our Programmes
Ivy Squad

TL;DR: Communicate, accommodate, motivate 

Our Ivy Squad series are collaborative workshops that rely on a team working together to achieve a task.

Ivy Creator

TL,DR: A world of your making

Our Ivy Creator series gives kids the tools they need to develop their imagination, envision a product and work towards a new creation.

Ivy Explorer

TL;DR: New perspectives, different realities, bigger ideas

In our Ivy Explorer series, we challenge kids with fully experiential workshops to broaden their minds.

Ivy Apprentice

TL;DR: If kids had our jobs, what would they learn?

In our Ivy Apprentice series, we work with industry partners to develop curriculum that focuses on applicable skills.

How We Work
Our sessions are an average of $35 - $50/hour per child. Pick an option that fits your schedule.
Our play-based curriculum is modular and can be customised to your needs.
Contact us today at hello@ivycubs.com and plan a session for your child and their friends.
Regular Sessions
  • 1 hour per week over 4 weeks in a month
Accelerated Sessions
  • 1 hour per day over 4 days in a week
Half Day Camp
  • 2 hours per day over two days
Ad-Hoc Play date
  • 1 hour in one day
Also available: Full Day Camp, 4 hours in one day
How to Book

1) Gather your family and friends.

2) Pick your preferred location: North, South, East, West, North-East

3) Find a date & time that suits your schedule

Our Partners
Kokoa Education Standard

Kokoa Education Standard is a detailed Edtech quality verification based on Finnish pedagogical knowledge. Edtech industry stakeholders around the world trust Kokoa to ensure solutions are independently certified to high-level quality standard. The Kokoa Education Standard evaluation consists of pedagogical and learning engagement parts. The evaluation criteria is based on 21st century skills and Finnish understanding of efficient learning.


Polkuni is a Helsinki and Hong Kong based hands-on investment and activation company. We boost the most passionate 21st century educational product and service entrepreneurs to succeed in the markets. Our focus is in creating the cultural interface between Finland and Asia.


Founded in early 2016, Kiddet was created for parents with aspirations to nurture happier and more confident kids who understand their passion and purpose. We aim to make unique experiences (during these precious and important developmental years!) easily available to parents and their children. With a curated and well-rounded list of over 180 partners, Kiddet offers parents and their children a myriad of choices. We aim to foster generations of creative, curious and confident children, who are happier and healthier.

Skill Angels

Skillangels empowers children with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) aligned to the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. Using an innovative Puzzle and Game based " Learn by Play " approach on the digital platform, we offer a paradigm shift in assessment and training in H.O.T.S. Our product enables this generation of children to become thinkers and innovators rather than remain consumers of information. It caters to children in the age group 3-14 years. The games are validated for their relevance by a team of educationists, developmental paediatricians and child psychologists. Our product ensures that every child is given an opportunity to learn and No Child is left behind in the learning process. Age appropriateness, personalisation and measured outcomes are salient features of the product.

Cubby Case
Modern Montessori International
About Us

We want to bring the joy of learning to every child. We believe that every child should have access to play-based, process-oriented curriculum anytime and anywhere.

We run our curriculum in preschools, primary schools, hotels and homes for children aged 4 – 10 years old.


We develop and implement skill-based interdisciplinary curriculum in schools for enrichment classes and after-school activities.

We also train facilitators to run our play-based, inquiry-driven programmes in Singapore and overseas.


We bring our mobile curriculum to homes, condominium function rooms…wherever you need us to play!

We’ll bring all the materials, so you never have to worry about a playdate or birthday party again.


We provide play-based workshops and enrichment booth activities for events in hotels and play spaces.

We also run special edition workshops during school vacation times.

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