Level Up Playtime

Enjoyable for All Ages

My sister and I both enjoyed the workshop very much and found it very beneficial. We learnt that Singapore has Tengah, an upcoming walking town. I thought my sister was going to find it a little hard to understand but she didn’t and really had fun! She described it as “digestible.” The facilitator was good as she was cheerful and explained things well and very clearly. 

Pravin & Priya, Students

Experienced Facilitators

I was keen for my kids to attend this town planning workshop as I thought it was unique. They really enjoyed the session and it was due to the element of fun that the facilitator infused. I understand from my kids that she was able to pitch the session at appropriate levels. The session was comprehensible for both despite the age difference of 4+ years. Neither felt that it was childish or too difficult for them to grasp.

Pia Rozario, Parent

Cultivates Creativity

The lesson enhances the creativity of young children with the aid of building blocks...The kids seemed very happy during the entire lesson as they found this topic (historical buildings) unique and had a chance to think critically to apply their existing knowledge about buildings to make sense of the lesson. Overall it was a meaningful lesson.

Swati Siwach, Parent

Satisfied Schools

Ivy Cubs has done a wonderful job in running CCA classes at our school, especially when it comes to our younger students. In the age groups 4-6 and 6-9, their programmes have proven to be great fun for the kids, combining education and playtime in a professional manner. 

Michel Lebon, Hollandse International School

Great for Language Immersion

During the three days, the children enjoyed the sessions with the facilitators. They were introduced to several activities which required them to work together in teams. These activities enhanced their cooperation and communication skills. It was interesting to watch how these children overcame the challenges presented and worked together to solve it!

Ms. Linda, Educator


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