Little Urban Planner - Playtape

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Time to create your own place! Go crazy with ideas on how to build a town using the play tape. Imagine yourself as an engineer, how would you want your town to look? Decide for your town on what are the important facilities needed, strategize different road designs, create crazy and unique buildings! This activity helps children to plan and draft a functional town and to learn about urban management through activities designed for children to think deeper on their surroundings and develop an appreciation for those who are running a well-managed city. 

Level up playtime with Ivy Cubs. Ivy Cubs curates toys and stories from around the world—with a focus on open-ended play and social emotional learning. Ivy Cubs programmes are inspired by sisu, the Finnish art of inner strength; enabling our Cubs to face the world with resilience, adaptability and courage. Suitable for children aged 3 – 10 years old.

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